Filemaker Talk Podcast

  • Episode 122: FIAS? Oh, iOS app SDK & More Features Please!

    Matt & Matt talk about FileMaker's recently released iOS App SDK for FileMaker Go and the COmmunity-voted feature requests.

  • Episode 121: PerformantMaker Pro - Go for Speed

    Matt & Matt talk about FileMaker performance and what you can do to make things faster within your favorite database.

  • Episode 120: FMGo on iPad Pro & Layout Variables

    Matt & Matt talk about designing for the new iPad Pro and how large the screen is. Matt Petrowsky shows Matt Navarrre the value of a hidden feature he's calling Layout Variables.

  • Episode 119: Understanding FileMaker's Themes

    Need to know more about FileMaker's themes? Matt Petrowsky takes some time to discuss one of his latest projects which dealt with modifying the theme so the corporate logo would be part of the Header area and flow through the whole solution.

  • Episode 118: #FileMaker #ExceltoFileMaker

    Matt & Matt talk a bit about the Elusive Moose conference and then head into Matt Navarre's initiative of #FileMaker. You can find more information at Make sure to tag your story using the #ExceltoFileMaker and #ProjectFileMaker hashtags.

  • Episode 117: Elusive Moose Day 1

    This is the first of several interviews recorded live at the Find Your Moose conference in Chicago. Guests include: Molly Connolly and Jason Mundok.

  • Episode 116: Mark Richman - Skeleton Key

    Matt Navarre and Mark Richman talk about the upcoming Find Your Moose conference, business books, and open book management.

  • Episode 115: Molly Connolly & Jason Mundok: Find Your Moose Conference

    Matt Navarre talks with Molly Connolly & Jason Mundok about their upcoming conference, Find Your Moose

  • Episode 114: Tami Williams Talks about ccAudits

    Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowsky spend time talking with Tami Williams about her FileMaker mobile solution, ccAudits. Visit the ccAudits website to learn more.

  • Episode 113: What FileMaker Webinar Would You Want?

    Matt Petrowsky spends a bit of time providing audio answers to a question he posed to his magazine subscribers. "What type of online FileMaker webinar would you want?" The responses cover three primary areas: how to go about learning scripting; learning ExecuteeSQL; and securing a vertical market solution.

  • Episode 112: Goya Booth at FileMaker DevCon 2015

    Matt Petrowsky catches up with Nicholas Orr from Goya and they discuss the new updates to BaseElements, RefreshFM and RestFM. 

  • Episode 111: Interview with Tim Neudecker

    Matt Navarre interviews Tim Neudecker about working with FileMaker Pro since the mid 1990's. They discuss Tim's DevCon sessions and about working with IT departments to get FileMaker in the door.

  • Episode 110: Talking with Sam Gedert

    Matt Navarre talks with database manger Sam Gedert about using FileMaker within the market of politics and how processing data requires focusing on behavioral changes regarding the use of technology.

  • Episode 109: Kevin & Jeremiah Hammond

    Matt Navarre talks with Kevin and Jeremiah Hammond from FileMaker consulting firm, DB Services. They've been providing FileMaker services since 2003.

  • Episode 108: FileMaker 14

    FileMaker, Inc. releases the FileMaker 14 product line. The latest FileMaker Pro/Go/Advanced/server has just hit the streets. With a few little bytes of some beta testing behind them, Matt & Matt discuss the cool new drool-worthy features found int he FileMaker 14 release.

  • Episode 107: Jumping from 13v5 to v9, SSL updates & Connector Selector

    Matt Navarre & Matt Petrowsky talk about the recent FMS13v9 SSL updates and the Connector Selector model.

  • Episode 106: Paul de Hallé of Linear Blue

    Matt Navarre talks with Paul de Hallé of Linear Blue. They discuss working in FileMaker teams; standards & building a FileMaker consultancy.

  • Episode 105: Vince Menanno: InspectorPro 5

    Matt Navarre talks with Vince Menanno of Beezwax about InspectorPro 5 and solution analysis.

  • Episode 104: DevCon 2015 Scholarship

    Never been to the annual FileMaker DevCon? How about a scholarship? Matt Navarre talks with Cris Ippolite and Molly Connolly about their sponsorship of two passes to the 2015 FileMaker DevCon. Tune in for more information, or go here to learn more.

  • Episode 103: Security, Security, SECURITY!

    Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowsky talk about what they know about FileMaker security and what you need to set on your files. They also discuss a bit about themes and how cool they are.

  • Episode 102: Pause on Error Recap

    Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowsky talk about FileMaker 13, DevCon, and apologizing for taking forever to release this episode.

  • Episode 101: Pause on Error Oct 27-28 in Portland, OR

    Matt and Matt talk about FileMaker 13, DevCon, and apologize for taking forever to release this episode.

  • Episode 100: Episode 100 Finally Arrives!

    Matt and Matt talk about FileMaker 13, DevCon, and apologize for taking forever to release this episode.

  • Episode 99: FileMaker 13

    Matt and Matt talk about all the new features of FileMaker Pro 13 including Advanced, FileMaker Go and Server! Phew!

  • Episode 98: Mark Richman from Skeleton Key

    Jonathan talks with Mark Richman from Skeleton Key about the business aspects of Skeleton Key and their success.