Filemaker Talk Podcast

  • Episode 97: Product & Design Conferences - Chicago, IL Oct 21-22

    Matt talks to Molly Connolly about the FIleMaker Product Conference and to Don Levan about the Experience and Style FileMaker Design conference. Both are happening at the same time, at the same awesome hotel in Chicago, IL, on October 21-22, 2013.

  • Episode 96: Business of FM Talk: Jonathan Fletcher interviews Kirk Bowman

    Jonathan kicks off the "Business of FileMaker Talk" segments with an interview of Kirk Bowman on the subject of Value, and value pricing (but don't call it value billing!).

  • Episode 95: DevCon3 Wrap Up

    Matt and Matt talk after the closing session.
    Interview with Scott Karch about his award and virtualization.
    Interview with Jason Erickson with Linear Blue about SyncDek 9 and the new SynkDek to Go.
    Sponsored by ODI tech.

  • Episode 94: DevCon 2 - Interviews

    Matt does interviews walking around DevCon. Talking to a podcast success story, exciting new staff with iSolutions (including Molly Connolly!). Introduction of Feedzon with Chaim Bacon - an awesome, simple and inexpensive way to integrate WebServices.
    Read more at Feedzon.
    Sponsored by ODI Tech.

  • Episode 93: Jonathan Fletcher - The Business of FileMaker

    Matt introduces Jonathan Fletcher, whi will be recording interviews with guests about business-focused FileMaker themes.

  • Episode 92: DevCon Day 1 - Jesse Barnum / 360 Works / Plastic 2

    Matt and Jesse talk about the Plastic 2 plug-in, credit card security, the importance of UUIDs, Sync strategies, and the amazing features coming in the next version of MirrorSync.

  • Episode 91: DevCon Day Zero

    First day of DevCon - speculation on the opening session; with a little inside joke and nod to the Adatasol FileMaker podcast Matt Navarre used to do with Dan Weiss.

  • Episode 90: HTML 5 - Cris Ippolite

    Matt and Cris talk about HTML 5, Javascript, Java, CSS 3, JSON, and how adding it all up works magic in WebViewers with FileMaker Go.

  • Episode 89: GoZync 4 - Todd Geist and John Sindelar

    Matt Navarre talks with John Sindelar from Seedcode, and Todd Geist from Geist Interactive about the new version of GoZync. We talk features, ease of integration, use cases, and more. We also talk about Todd's upcoming DevCon sessions (John is taking a break this year).

  • Episode 88: Kevin Frank and Matt Navarre on Music

    Matt and Kevin talk about our favorite music - and their deep love of music in its many forms. There is no discussion of FileMaker at all. Jsut so you know. There are several musical examples interspersed.

  • Episode 87: Dave Ramsey on Alert Flag for FileMaker Go

    Dave Ramsey talks about AlertFlag - a new FileMaker Go tool that puts your solution in the iOS message center.

  • Episode 86: Todd Geist on

    Matt and Todd talk about a new venture to promote a modular approach to FileMaker development. Following the ideas on, you can easily adapt database ideas in such a way that they will be easier and more seamless to integrate in other databases.

  • Episode 85: Kevin Frank talks about the Separation Model

    Matt Navarre and Kevin Frank talk about the radical separation model. Recorded at Pause on Error in Portland, OR.

  • Episode 84: Richard Carlton interviews Phil Smith

    Richard Carlton fills in while at Pause on Error and gets a great interview with Phil Smith, the Business Account Manager for FileMaker in the Northwest US.

  • Episode 83: Pause Until Next Error?

    Pause on Error in Portland, OR, is done and Matt and Matt talk about tips learned and the great benefit to being at this conference.

  • Episode 82: Jason Young - ExecuteSQL Year 1

    Jason talks about the great new version of SQL Explorer for FileMaker and on how the ExecuteSQL feature has been used and growing in the last year.

  • Episode 81: Pause on Error Begins

    Matt and Matt talk about Pause as it is just getting warmed up!

  • Episode 80: Court Bowman talks about ccPivot 2.0 & MVC Development

    Matt and Court talk for an hour about the new features of the amazing ccPivot solution from Cleveland Consulting and get into the MVC model (Model-View-Controller).

  • Episode 79: Pause on Error Portland Preview

    Matt talks to John Sindelar and Ernest Koe about the upcoming Pause on Error Unconference in Portland, OR, March 3-6, 2013. They go through some of the proposed sessions and talk about the value of PoE.

  • Episode 78: Don Levan on Design

    Dr. Don Levan from Vanguard Consulting talks with Matt about his upcoming Design Workshops; about the importance of design; and some successful ways to approach it using formal tools.

  • Episode 77: We're Not Dead

    Matt and Matt talk after a brief vacation (we were working, actually) and talk about export methods and upcoming topics.

  • Episode 76: Wendy King - Effective Training Videos

    Wendy King of Studiotozzi talks with Matt about the upcoming FileMaker sotfware conference in Chicago, IL, Oct 23-24; and about her passion: making effective and great FileMaker training videos.

  • Episode 75: Scott Karch and Joey Grimaldi - Hosting

    This is a discussion we had at DevCon that gets deeply into the technology that allows hosting FileMaker servers on the high end. Joey is with ODI Technology, and Scott is with Nimbus Hosting. They get into everything from proper configuration for PHP and IWP deployment, to high availability virtualized cluster configuration.

  • Episode 3: FileMakerTalk 003 - Fuzzy Searching, Soundex & Levenshtein

    Episode 3

  • Episode 2: FileMakerTalk 002 - Open Source vs. Proprietary

    Ah FileMaker, how we love how quick you are. Here's the problem. Are you loosing your edge to Open Source? That's the debate!