Oregon Surplus Property Management System

Client Description

The State Surplus Property Program exists to provide a central distribution point for surplus, seized and\or recovered public property for State Agencies and political subdivisions. The Federal-side of the program provides disposition services to federal executive agencies, as well as acquisition services to state agencies, local governments and qualified non-profit organizations. The State-side of the program provides property reutilization services to state agencies and intergovernmental partners, as well as acquisition services to state agencies, local governments and qualified non-profit organizations.

REUSE is a FileMaker database that consolidates these two programs in one database (while still maintaining program independence for governmental audit purposes). REUSE allows Surplus Division staff to receive property, photograph and barcode it, track property throughout warehouses, sell it and invoice it, as well a run print reports for staff and state/federal oversight organizations. REUSE allows agencies from all over to enter, edit and audit Surplus information from a web-browser (via REUSE Web), and internal warehouse workers can perform many of the property-intake tasks from the comfort of their iPads/iPhones.

Describe scope

  • Create centralized system for secure real-time access for users at federal and state level.
  • Create web interface to provide direct, real-time access for agency users from across Oregon and the country.
  • Consolidate two separate systems into a single, better-featured and more robustly-functioning software solution.


  • Federal-side functionality was completed after only six months of development; State-side was completed six months after that.
  • System has grown over the past two years to accommodate not just additional functionality at the desktop level, but enhancements for REUSE Web and iOS users.


  • Directly involve users/staff from both the federal and state programs in all stages of design and development process.
  • Discover the overarching needs for all facets of the project, and work in tandem with our clients to ensure what they need/want is what we deliver.


  • Reuse provides real-time, always-on access for Federal and State surplus inventory for Oregon Surplus Division staff as well as for their program agency-clients via REUSE Web.
  • The system has transformed the way these programs gather, process and display surplus-related information.
  • Reuse consolidates and simplifies all management and tracking points within the surplus property life-cycle.
  • Reuse integrates with iOS, and allows for a mobile receiving (pick-ups and deliveries) process - from easily entering property information, to picture-taking and bar-code/label scanning and printing