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Have you ever seen a moose? How about a dream come true? How about your dream come true?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "this should be so easy to accomplish!" only to get discouraged when something that seems so effortless for others -- like building a business from scratch, or evolving your skills -- seems so difficult for you? If so, read on!

From Database Developer to Web Developer Thanks to WebDirect


By Thomas Meglasson III


I don't know PHP, and my HTML and CSS skills are rudimentary at best. Nevertheless, I recently became a web developer!

Fortunately, with FileMaker's WebDirect, I don't need those skills to make a beautiful website. I build it all right in FileMaker, using skills I already have, and then publish straight to the web with a FileMaker Server.

Automatically Perform Script on Server

Automatically Perform Script on Server
By David Weiner

The ability of FileMaker Pro 13 and 14 to perform a script on the server instead of locally on the client's machine is a huge potential boon for productivity. Tasks for which a user might otherwise have to wait to complete can be accomplished in the background without holding them up. Performing certain scripted tasks on the server is also much, much faster in many cases. So, it's nice to perform a script on the server whenever you can.